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Short Description: Wine tourism in the vineyard and the winery

Long Description:

We intend to cater to tourists who want to have fun and enjoy their free time while they learn about wine culture in La Rioja and everything around it, so they can take fond memories of our land back with them.

During the tours, we provide technical information on how the vines are grown and grapes work to achieve the different types of wine we produce organically.

We also want to convey the love and tradition that has been part of this culture for centuries and which allows the wine to be something so special.

Combining these two concepts in the visit, we will learn what insect pheromone mating disruption is, what is pant homoeopathy, and how some insects and plants help us to maintain balance in the land in a natural way.

If children come to visit, we will show them where rabbits burrow, because we have lots of rabbits in our land! and they will also see the insect hotels that we place in the fields in winter so they can make their nests.

Whichever day you choose, it will always be practical and informative, and you will learn something new, whether you are young or old.

Winery and vineyard activities:

Wine-Plus: Tour of the Museum and historic wine cellar with a tasting of 3 wines and a sausage and cheese dish. Duration 1,5 h Price per person €10

Vine-Plus: Walk in the vineyard followed by a tour of the Museum and historic wine cellar with a tasting of 3 wines and a sausage and cheese dish. Duration 2 h Price per person €15

Vine-Action: Activity to be carried out in the vineyard depending on the season (pruning, thinning, picking, etc.) Depending on the weather, a snack will be served in the field. Then we will go to the wine museum and historic winery to visit and taste the wines. Duration 2,5 h Price per person €25

All activities included a free child up to age 15, subsequent children pay a €2 supplement. After age 16 the rate is that of an adult, but they cannot taste the wine, only musts. The duration of all activities is approximate.

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Wine tourism
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