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Préjano Variant

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Peñalmonte. Vistas entre el Km 2 y el Km 3.
Vía verde
Cascada de Santuste

Exiting the main path of the green trail, the route starts with a steep slope that gives access to a fluvial terrace with almond and olive trees. A little after, you will reach a crossroads that leads to the trail’s original path. Continuing on the right, at about 300 metres, the trail ends when it reaches a tunnel. On the left the trail continues towards Préjano. During the itinerary, you will traverse almond tree fields and, after several gullies, you will cross a paved path that goes from the LR-382 to Santa Eulalia. After a kilometre, cross a road again, the LR-380 from Préjano to Santa Eulalia, and continue through a stretch among trenches. When you reach Préjano, you will find a picnic area that can also be accessed from the village. Cross a tunnel that leads to the upper part of the village. The green trail continues a few kilometres beyond Préjano on a road shared with cars that leads to some old ore loading platforms. It is still possible to see the riprap of the material extracted from the hillsides to the left over the green trail. In the end you will reach a picnic area at the base of some limestone cliffs. A little further up, on this ravine, you will find the Santuste Waterfall and, not far away, at an abandoned quarry, two replicas of dinosaur footprints from the sites in the area: Valdete and La Magdalena.

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Recorrido: Main track in Green trail - Préjano
Distancia: 4.6
Duración: 105
Señalización: Green Trail posters

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Accessible La Rioja

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