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Mount Vico footpath (Arnedo)

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Monte de Vico
Pinar de pino piñonero
Panorámica desde el mirador
Monasterio de Vico
Ruinas de San marcos
Chopera en Fuente Hontoria
Chopera de la fuente de San Marcos
Paso junto al acueducto

The footpath starts next to the main entry of the Monastery of Vico, on the LR-382 road that leads from Arnedo to Préjano. From the parking area, cross the road and take the footpath through an almond tree plantation to reach a picnic area. Take the trail that goes into the pine forest. The first part is mostly planted with Aleppo pine. Further on there is stone pine. The trail runs through an area of old plots that are nowadays covered by the pine forest. On the left we see the Gully of San Marcos, an embedded river with no water. After about 10 minutes, cross the bridge over the gully and, next to it, you will see an old masonry aqueduct that was a part of the water channelling that took water to the Monastery of Vico. The itinerary crosses an area with old olive trees; some of them are still cared for and others have been covered by the pine forest. Continue until you reach a spot with a fountain and benches. An the crossroads, follow the route that slowly goes up the ravine among stone pines. After a while walking, you will reach the top part of the ravine where there are many black poplars with twisted trunks and the area oozes moisture. Here you will find the Fountain of San Marcos, a natural spring channelled between rocks, which is charming. Following the path, pass next to the remains of the Chapel of San Marcos and the newly built new chapel. The footpath continues until it reaches a high level where there is a very good view of the area. This place is the end of the walk. To return to the initial point, retrace your steps.

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Recorrido: Road LR-382 - Ruins of the San Marcos Monastery
Distancia: 4.74
Duración: 105
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Señalización: Stone markers

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