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San Millán footpaths

San Millán-Villar de Torre footpath

  • 2 h 30 min
  • 7.9 km

To reach the beginning of the footpath, take the Pedestrian path to Yuso-Suso from San Millán. This path starts at the Yuso Monastery access square, where there is a sign with the footpaths of the area (Pedestrian path to Yuso-Suso-El Aidillo, Pedestrian path to Yuso-Suso-Labardera), and crosses the road to the cemetery. The itinerary is marked with wood-post signs at the crossroads. Follow the directions towards the Suso Monastery and, in a split in the pine forest, follow the sign to Villar de Torre instead of Suso. After about 100 metres, you will find the itinerary start sign. After the sign, take the route that ascends bordering the pine forest, cross a road and follow a trail that goes up a deforested hillside with some isolated Portuguese oaks, Pyrenean oaks and holm oaks. On the hillsides to the left there are Douglas firs that extend on a wide area. Continue and, after a while, you will be walking under the trees, with the fields to the left and a row of the native Pyrenean oak forest to the right. Reach a crossroads where an arrow indicates that you should continue straight and enter a greater Pyrenean oak forest. Again, after 200 metres, you will find another crossroads where you take the trail that descends smoothly towards the Oncedillo Ravine through the Pyrenean oak forest. Cross the bridge over the stream and then a fence the protects a repopulation on this hillside. After almost a kilometre ascent, the trail ends. Exit the fenced area and take the route that descends among a Pyrenean oak forest with plenty of ivy on the trunks until you reach Valdez Ravine. Follow the hillside footpath that, after a while, flows into a path that you take towards some abandoned pens. The path now goes towards an agricultural area. You can see a great straight line of almost one kilometre. After 100 metres, turn left and go along the edge of a repopulated agricultural plot with Douglas firs. Follow another agricultural path until you reach a turn towards the valley in 500 metres. At this point, take the new path that goes in your direction. It goes towards the hill and cropland area. Go to a new river bed with Pyrenean oaks and cross the Sacavacas Stream. Through an area of low hills you will reach the so-called Camino de la Linde. This will take you among croplands and, after 2 km, you will arrive at Villar de Torre.


Monasterio de Yuso

The origin of the construction of this monastery is reflected in a legend which tells how king García of Nájera, ordered the transfer of the remains of San Millán which were then in Suso to the Monastery of Santa María La Real de Nájera. The oxen which were pulling the cart stopped in the valley as if the Saint's remains did not want to abandon it, so the current monastery of Yuso was constructed on the spot. A 10th-11th century Romanesque monastery of which today no trace remains, over which ...

Monasterio de Yuso

Suso meadow

Villar de Torre

Villar de Torre is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja.-Location: It is part of the district of Nájera. The municipality is upstream of the River Tuerto. -Area: 12 km2. -Height: 763 metres.

Villar de Torre


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Natural values

Foothill area in the Rioja mountains alternating between woodland on the mountain sides and scrubland and agricultural land on lower ground. There are Portuguese oak, holly oak and Pyrenean oak forests, mainly, as well as reforestations with several species of conifer, such as Scots pine and black pine. A large section of this footpath goes along one of the borders of the land under the Natura 2000 network (Mountain ranges of Demanda, Urbión, Cebollera and Cameros), which comprises both the SPAB (Special Protection Area for Birds) and the SCI (Site of Community Importance) previously designated with the same denomination.

Información turística

San Millán Tourist Office
Yuso Monastery. Building Aula de la Lengua. Phone: 941 373 259 Fax: 941 373 259
Tuesdays to Saturdays: 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays and holidays: 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. Closed on Mondays.
San Millán de la Cogolla

Hostería Monasterio de San Millán. 941 373 277
La Calera. 941 373268
Rural House La Posada de San Millán. 941 373 161
Rural House Casa Sancha. 941 373 211

San Millán de la Cogolla
Asador San Millán. 941 373 277
La Encina. 941 373 268
Las Glosas. 941 373 232
To visit the Suso Monastery, you must pre-book by phone at 941 37 30 82 and pick up the tickets 30 minutes in advance.
Visits are from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., every half hour.