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La Degollada footpath (Calahorra)

La Degollada footpath, Calahorra

  • 1 h
  • 3.5 km

The route starts in a parking area on the road of Los Agudos, which is reached from Calahorra by crossing the industrial park of Tejerías and then the A-68 highway. Most part of the itinerary is limited by a low wood fence. First, you will go to an oval lake. Cross the steppe scored with scars, gullies and ravines that form the Yasa de las Conchas. This stretch allows you to view a natural steppe landscape that is representative of the Ebro Valley. Immediately you will see the first pool. Follow the edge to get to the second one, whose water has an irregular shape. It is full of aquatic plants, thus it has a much more natural aspect. From here, move towards the pine forest and, when you reach a detour on the right, enter the observatory. You will be able to see the lake and sight the great number of birds that visit it. After going back to the route, it leads into the pine forest until it reaches a shed next to which there are some picnic tables and benches to rest. The path turns until it reaches a bridge over a ravine that descends from the hill. Here you will find the route that you will later descend on the pine-covered hillside. By following the edge of the lake, you will reach a detour on the left that ascends to a platform that allows you to see the lake and the small island in its interior, where different birds can be seen, such as herons and waders. Descend and continue to a second shed, behind which you will find a crossing. The footpath on the right leads you in 20 minutes to the remains of a Roman dam. The path on the right ascends the hillside to a viewpoint from where you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the different environments that you just visited and a great part of the elevation of La Rioja Baja. Continue the itinerary. Descend to the bridge and return to the parking area by retracing the initial path.



  • Masts with arrow signs, information boards and white and purple markers

Puntos de interés


2.2-mile (partly) circular footpath. 0.3-mile linear variant

Natural values

The path leads to a spot located at El Plano, a site with some unique characteristics, on occasion undervalued because it is thought to be dry and lifeless, which is hardly true. Besides, this site has been enriched by man's intervention, who has enhanced it by building several artificial lagoons. La Degollada stands out because of three natural settings. Firstly, a steppe area, with scrubs typical of salty soils, such as Spanish broom, Mediterranean salt bush, albardine and prickly saltwort; and abundant rabbits and foxes, as well as other unique bird species, like the stone curlew. Secondly, a wet area, made up of a series of artificial lagoons, with water plants, reeds and bulrushes, visited by anatidae, herons, Western marsh harriers and waders, especially stilts. Lastly, reforested Aleppo pine forests, part of Monte de Los Agudos, also supporting thyme and cotton lavender, as well as a diverse fauna including roe deer, boar and birds such as thrushes.

Información turística

Calahorra Tourist Office.

Abadía del Monasterio de Valvanera. Phone 941 377 044
Venta de Goyo. Road to Lerma km 98. Phone 941 378 007


Valdevenados. Road LR 113. Anguiano. Phone 941 377 085
La Herradura. Road LR 113. Anguiano. Phone 941 377 151
La Cañada. Road LR 113. Km 49. Phone 941 745 003