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Stage 9, Enciso - Cornago

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Llegando a El Villar de Poyales
Peña Isasa
Carrascal de Vallaroso
Ambas Aguas
Portillo de Valcardera
Encinar de Vallaroso
El Villar de Enciso
Peña Isasa al fondo
Barranco Valcirbe
Sierra el Palo
Camino de Cornago

Enciso (00 min) Leave the village by the road that leads towards Soria. At the last houses, turn left to cross a bridge over the Cidacos River. Turn left and after 100 m, at the level of the Chapel of Santa Bárbara and next to the panel, take the path that descends toward the Vacirbe Stream. Cross the stream. Continue straight on and turn sharply to walk down the right bank of the stream. The route ascends quickly and, after a small descent, it will have you at the hillside. There are great views of the town and the valley of the Dinosaur route. Chorradero Ravine (20 min) Border the ravine and go up to the route on the hillside. From here you can see on the right the oak meadow of Enciso. Further on, at the level of the Valdecevillo Ravine, you can see the footprint site. Then, continue on the by-path of the electric power towers and cross through abandoned fields of walnut trees on the left. Exit the fields to the left down a short slope. After crossing a ravine with aspens, the footpath enters El Villar de Poyales through the washing site. El Villar de Poyales (50 min) Cross the bridge and turn left to take the road. Before reaching the Poyales crossing, you will find the footprint site in this itinerary. When you arrive at the Poyales crossing, exit the road on your left, to the remains of the Chapel of El Cristo del Valle. Cross the picnic area and take the road again. After 400 m, take a route on the left that ascends towards Navalsaz. The path enters the town through a tip next to the remains of the Church of Santiago. Navalsaz (1 h 40 min) Go towards the square and, when you reach the church, turn left. Take the path that borders the repopulation at the top of the town and arrive at a trail. Turn right and cross a cattle grid. Follow the trail on the hillside that provides a great view of Navalsaz and, a little after, descend to the road. Turn left and after 200 m exit the road on the left. Road to Ambas Aguas (2 h) Take the path next to a stone wall and parallel to a by-path, which is on the right. You will see Peña Isasa in the distance. Descend, pass between two walls and arrive at the previous by-path. Cross it and start descending the small slope. The path descends along the ravine, where you can see the footprints of the lion of Andorra on the right. Cross the ravine and you will arrive at the back of a pen. Descend towards the river smoothly. Palo Mountains Ravine (2 h 15 min) Cross the river and, after 20 m, a forest repopulation fence appears. Pass the gate and continue parallel to the ravine. On the right bank you will see ichnites again. You exit the repopulation through another gate and continue descending on a path along the ravine. This is followed until you reach Ambas Aguas. Ambas Aguas (2 h 55 min) You arrive to this semi abandoned village of Muro de Aguas through some pens and you cross it in the direction you are walking in. At the end of the main street, turn right to reach a square with a fountain. Take the street that goes straight to the river. When you reach the river, turn left and continue on. Ignore the bridge that leads to the church and pass next to a washing point. Cross a small ford and turn right, under a livestock pavilion. Go up a wide path to reach a trail. Continue on the trail in the same direction. After 200 m, before reaching the Cristo Chapel, leave the trail down a small slope on the right and take the path towards the ravine along which you came, now called Vallaroso Stream. Path to the Vallaroso Stream (3 h 05 min) The path descends among slopes, it passes a small pool and crosses a by-path. It enters cereal crops.


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Cornago is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is in the Alcarama Mountains and to the south it borders with the province of Soria. The Peñalosa Mountains are to the north. The highest peaks are La Nevera at 1366 metres above sea level, La Cabeza de la Hoya at 1349 metres above sea level and Los Tres Mojones.
-Location: It is part of the district of Cervera del Río Alhama. The municipality is on the northeastern border of the Riojan Camero region the Linares Valley.
-Area: 79 km2.
-Height: 757 metres.
-Populated areas, neighbourhoods or villages: Valdeperillo.
-Economy: The area's economy is based on the primary sector: farming, particularly sheep and goats.

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Enciso is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja close to the border with Soria. The River Cidacos crosses the municipality. The are over 3,000 fossilised footprints of dinosaurs in the municipality. There is a palaeontology centre with information on how the fossilised footprints were preserved and which species they belonged to.
-Location: It is part of the district of Arnedo. The municipality is in a mountainous region around the narrow CidacosValley, enveloped by the Santiago beechwood.
-Area: 70.3 km2.
-Height: 813 metres.
-Populated areas, neighbourhoods or villages: Poyales, Garranzo, Navalsaz, Las Ruedas and El Villar.
-Economy: The textile industry that was so important in the 17th and 18th centuries has now completely disappeared. The town does not farm either crops or animals at the moment, but interest in the area has been generated due to the many dinosaur footprints from 120 million years ago that have been found and which have become a tourist attraction. .

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Recorrido: Enciso - Navalsaz - Ambasaguas - Valdeperillo - Cornago
Distancia: 22.12
Duración: 363
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