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La Rioja mountain ranges footpath (GR-93)

Stage 8, Munilla - Enciso

  • 2 h 47 min
  • 6.54 km

Munilla (00 min) The path exits the village through a steep street between two new buildings. This is near a medieval bridge that the road cuts off. After passing under the remains of a pen where you can read the number 276, go up a stone path. Before reaching the light posts, take a hillside route on the right towards the west. After crossing a small ravine with a stone wall, you will arrive at a by-path. By-path (10 min) Continue a steep ascent on the by-path to the left until you reach a pine forest. Once there, the slope becomes smoother and you will continue ascending until you reach a hillock between the hills El Santo and Cabeza Lobo. Hill (23 min) To the north you will sight the village of San Vicente. Cross a trail to continue straight on a path that descends in the same direction that you were walking in. After 5 minutes you will reach a poplar grove, where you will descend on the hillside parallel to a ravine on the left. Cross the Stream of Las Bargas and ascend up a path to Valdevigas. Valdevigas (48 min) Abandoned village that depends of the town of Enciso. It used to have 34 inhabitants. The path traverses the village between the chapel and the houses. Cross a stream or start the ascent. After 100 metres, ignore the footpath to the left with a pronounced curve and ascend to the right. Continue on the hillside and leave the bottom of the ravine to the right. After 10 minutes, go to the left up a steep slope until you reach a hill. Hill (1 h 05 min) From the hill continue towards the southeast, bordering wide fields and passing next to the remains of a stone shack. The path follows the Valdoño Ravine until it turns. Continue to the southeast until you reach a hill with a hut. Hill (1h 22 min) You will sight the church tower of Enciso and the castle remains. Descend towards Enciso. After 200 metres you will arrive at a stone wall. Follow the rocky slope to the stream. To the right you can see the village of Escurquilla. Wade across the stream and continue parallel to it until you see the village. Access it next to the Church of La Virgen de la Estrella. Enciso (1 h 47 min) End of the stage.



Munilla is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja in the district of Arnedo.-Location: It is part of the district of Arnedo. It stands at the foot of the Hez Mountains in the Santiago beechwood and the Camero Viejo region.-Area: 54 km2.-Height: 791 metres.-Populated areas: La Santa, Monjía, Ribalmaguillo, Peroblasco and San Vicente.-Economy: There was a large textile and shoe industry here, but the municipality has gradually lost its population as inhabitants have moved away to Arne ...



Enciso is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja close to the border with Soria. The River Cidacos crosses the municipality. The are over 3,000 fossilised footprints of dinosaurs in the municipality. There is a palaeontology centre with information on how the fossilised footprints were preserved and which species they belonged to.-Location: It is part of the district of Arnedo. The municipality is in a mountainous region around the narrow CidacosValley, enveloped by the Santiago bee ...



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Natural values

Mid-mountain Mediterranean area with open spaces growing needle furze shrubs and sizeable holm oak patches. Open areas show extensive farming on eroded, poor soil.

Información turística

Rural House Casino de Munilla. 941 394 113
Youth Hostel Hayedo de Santiago. Bookings: Instituto Riojano de la Juventud Phone: 941 291 952

Rural House La Tahona. 941 396 066
Rural House La Casa del Valle Encantado. 639 957 475
Rural House La Colmena. 606 258 211
Hostal Casona del Dinosaurio. 941 396 006
Pensión Posada Santa Rita. 941 396 071 / 627 941 400
Apartments La Tahona 2. 941 396 066
Casino de Munilla. 941 394 113
La Estrella. 941 396 011
La Fábrica de Harinas. 941 396 051
Casona del Dinosaurio. 941 396 080
El Rincón. 941 396 088