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Roman road along the Iregua

Stage 4, Villoslada de Cameros - Lumbreras

  • 2 h 30 min
  • 6.5 km

This stage coincides with parts of two marked routes of the Natural Park of the Cebollera Mountains. The first part of the Roman Road Footpath, that goes from Villoslada to Puerto de Piqueras, and the last part of the Pajares Footpath. Exit the centre of Villoslada down the street that starts in San Roque Chapel. Leave the chapel on the right and take the forest trail uphill until you reach a pronounced curve. Exit the trail on the left to continue down a well-marked paved path that, in certain places, is lined with great rocky outcrops. You will reach the division between the municipal districts of Villoslada and Lumbreras, where you will see a gate that you must cross to continue down a path that descends to the vicinities of the La Nava lake, an interesting humid mountain area that dries up in the summer months. Go along the edge of the La Nava lake in clockwise direction and, after passing it, go up slightly until you arrive at a cattle grid on a forest trail. Cross the grid to descend the trail. A few metres after, exit the trail on a side slope and continue to the right on a route. The route will ascend slightly and then become flat and go through oaks. It will cross a great dry accumulation of big rocks originated in periglacial eras, from where there is a good view of the village Lumbreras. In a smooth descent, you will arrive at the N-111 national road. Cross it and descend between small plantations to the Piqueras River. Cross the bridge over the river. Upstream you can see a river water level control station. After this there is a short but steep climb to Lumbreras city centre.


Villoslada de Cameros

Villoslada de Cameros is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is 50 km from the region's capital city and stands at 1,072 metres. The municipality covers 94.56 km² and has a population of 362.-Location: It is part of the district of Torrecilla en Cameros. It is in the far south of the Demanda Mountains, upstream of the River Iregua. -Area: 94.5 km2. -Height: 1,072 metres. -Economy: The municipality's economy centres on livestock farming and forestry.

Villoslada de Cameros

La Nava lake

Lumbreras de Cameros

Lumbreras is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is in the south of the region, bordering the province of Soria. The municipality is surrounded by the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park. There are three villages within the municipality: Lumbreras, which is the municipality's main village, San Andrés and El Horcajo. In addition, Lumbreras and San Andrés have taken in the residents of the old village of Pajares, which had to be abandoned due to floods when the Pajares Reservoir w ...

Lumbreras de Cameros


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Natural values

Extensively-wooded mountain area interspersed with natural Scots pine forests and Pyrenean oakwoods. This route goes through the La Nava lake, wetland with shallow waters that dries up in the summer but which is of great interest to amphibians in the area. This area is part of the Cebollera Mountain Range Natural Park, as well as within the land in the Natura 2000 network (Mountain ranges of Demanda, Urbión, Cebollera and Cameros), which comprises both the SPAB (Special Protection Area for Birds) and the SCI (Site of Community Importance) previously designated with the same denomination.

Información turística

Villoslada de Cameros
Rural House El Quemao. 941 468 242 / 647 958 241
Rural House Casa del Viejo Ayuntamiento. 629 677 004 / 629 015 159
Rural House La Media Legua. 659 908 306
Hostal Corona. 941 468 005
Hostal Posada Hoyos de Iregua. 941 468 273 / 666 413 481
Camping Site Los Cameros. 941 747 021
Rural House Casa Isabel. 941 468 088 / 941 204 182
Rural House Casa Arca. 689 589 023
Tourist Hostel El Asilo. 941 468 262 / 666 252 798
Hostal Venta de Piqueras. 941 468 144

Villoslada de Cameros
Hostal Corona. 941 468 005
Hostal Posada Hoyos de Iregua. 941 468 273 / 666 413 481
Camping Site Los Cameros. 941 747 021
Venta de Piqueras. 941 468 144