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Stage 3, Viniegra de Abajo - Villoslada de Cameros

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Villoslada de Cameros
La Escalera
Pinar hacia Viciercas
Estela romana
Collado de El Palo
Brieva de Cameros
Museo del Esquileo
Perfil de la etapa
Paso de La Escalera
Collado de Canto Hincado
Entrada a La Escalera
Camino de Ventrosa
Viniegra de Abajo
Peñas en La Escalera

Viniegra de Abajo (00 min) Exit the village on the upper part, taking the old path to Ventrosa towards the cemetery. A little after starting, leave the path and take another one on the left that leads to a warehouse and slightly turns right until it passes under the cemetery. Cross a small river bed and ascend a rocky area until you reach an electricity pole, from where you have a good view of the Najerilla Valley and La Demanda Mountains. Then, the path enters a Portuguese oak forest where you can also find maple trees. You will reach a fence that limits the town of Ventrosa. During a smooth hillside descent, cross a small ravine and, when you reach a pasture area, access the village of Ventrosa after crossing the bridge over a river with the same name. Ventrosa (1 h 08 min) Exit the village by the old path to Brieva, that starts at a trail next to two cattle pavilions. After the second pavilion, you will reach a fenced waste dump. Exit the trail on the right and take a path that ascends on the hillside. Follow the power lines at all times until you reach Brieva. Enter the trail again and continue on it through the bottom of the valley. After about 8 minutes, exit again on the right, cross the ravine and take a hillside path that goes parallel to the trail. The path leads to the trail again, on which you should continue until you reach a hill. There, turn slightly to the right and pass next to a stone boundary mark, known as El Palo. Collado de El Palo (2 h) There are great views of the Valley of Brieva and in the distance the hill of Canto Hincado, where you can find the path to Ortigosa. Start descending among pastures and turn left to descend a ravine towards a forest of Aleppo pines. At the bottom of the ravine you can see water flowing from a rock. After crossing the forest through zigzags and quarries, you will reach the bottom of the valley that leads into another ravine on the right. Connection of two ravines (2 h 20 min) Continue descending on a by-path towards the left at the bottom of the valley, parallel to the power lines. In some stretches, the by-path runs next to pastures and old croplands. You will reach the Barriuso district at Brieva. When you reach the Santa María Church, nowadays abandoned, turn right and access a bridge that leads to the road, where you turn right until you reach the centre of the village. Brieva de Cameros (2 h 47 min) Exit the village by the road to Ortigosa and, at about 200 metres from the last house, take a trail on the right. The trail passes over a cattle pavilion and goes up the Berrinche River towards Peñas de la Escalera. Route (3 h 07 min) Before reaching a quarry, exit the route and take a trail on the right that crosses the stream twice on bridges and passes next to a boundary mark. Border the quarry to the right and, when you reach a well-defined path, enter the gorge and ascend parallel to the river. The last stretch ascends with steep zigzags, called La Escalera (The Stairs), and reaches a shed. Shed at La Escalera (3 h 36 min) Ignore a route to the right, next to the latest construction, that is headed to Collado de Santa Cruz. Continue on a path that zigzags up towards the east and passes above a lonely holm oak. Keep ascending the rocky hill and, after a few wide zigzags, you will reach a pasture area. Continue towards the refuge by following a path surrounded by dense shrub vegetation. The Refuge (3 h 59 min) The path crosses a trail and passes under the refuge and the fountain, where you can see Brieva.


Orden del punto del recorrido: 2
Ciudad del punto del recorrido
Ventrosa de la Sierra

Ventrosa or Ventrosa de la Sierra is a mountainous municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja in the basin formed by the River Najerilla.
-Location: It is part of the district of Nájera. It is in the far southeast of the Demanda Mountains upstream of the River Najerilla. It is squeezed into a narrow valley that climbs in height up to Pancorbo.
-Area: 9.4 km2.
-Height: 1,003 metres.
-Economy: Since the '60s, many people have moved away from the town because of the municipality's weak economy based on wool production. In the last few years, rural tourism has increased greatly.

Orden del punto del recorrido: 3
Ciudad del punto del recorrido
Brieva de Cameros

Brieva de Cameros is a Spanish municipality within the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is 63 km from Logroño in the southwest of the province and stands at around 960 metres above sea level. The municipality measures 46.15 km².
-Area: It is part of the district of Anguiano. Brieva is one of the 7 Viniegras towns that are upstream of the Brieva and Najerilla Rivers.
-Area: 46 km2.
-Height: 936 metres
-Economy: The main activity here is livestock farming: sheep, cattle and horses.

Orden del punto del recorrido: 1
Ciudad del punto del recorrido
Viniegra de Abajo

Viniegra de Abajo is one of the 7 Villas in the autonomous region of La Rioja. Viniegra de Abajo is between Camero Nuevo and the Demanda Mountains in the area known as the subdistrict of Upper Najerilla. It stands 881 metres above sea level and is 74 km from Logroño and 50 km from Nájera. The River Urbión crosses Viniegra. The river begins in the Picos de Urbión Mountains which are in the same municipal area as the village.
-Location: It is part of the district of Nájera. It is one of the seven Viniegras Towns. It lies between the San Lorenzo and Urbión Mountains upstream of the River Najerilla.
-Area: 65.5 km2.
-Height: 881 metres.
-Economy: This municipality's main activity is livestock farming.

Orden del punto del recorrido: 4
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Recorrido: Viniegra de Abajo - Ventrosa - Brieva de Cameros - Collado Canto Hincado - Villoslada
Distancia: 24.47
Duración: 409
Señalización: Red and white markers
Avisos: With the arrival of autumn, in certain specific points of the forest, Trombiculidae bugs, also known as red bugs, appear. They parasitize animals and, in contact with humans, they cause skin reactions. These are not serious, although they are very annoying. More information and recommendations

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