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Stage 2a, Alternative 1, Pradillo - Villanueva Variant

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Villanueva de Cameros
Puente medieval de Pradillo
Azulejos antiguos en Pradillo
Villanueva de Cameros
Puente de Pradillo
Despoblado de El Hoyo
Puente en Villanueva
Pradillo y Ermita del Villar
Arroyo bajo el despoblado de El Hoyo
Cortados de Peñas Malas
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From where the Admuel River flows into the Iregua River, you can choose the path on the left and cross a small bridge to continue the road towards Pradillo. After crossing the bridge, pass through a gate and enter an oak wood. You will reach the Rioseco Ravine, that is crossed by a pedestrian bridge. Pass through a gate and go up through the town of Pinillos until you reach the hill of La Cañada. After crossing a pasture area, turn right towards the path that goes up into a forest until you reach a rocky area, where you will find a viewpoint with a great view of the Iregua Valley. Cross a gate that gives access to the town of Pradillo. The path becomes narrower to avoid the Peñas Malas area, which is protected with a fence. After you have passed this, the path descends slowly to Pradillo through an oak grove and, at the end, through old croplands. It ends in a magnificent 18th century bridge that crosses the Iregua River and provides the entrance to the village. Once in Pradillo, you can choose to go on the original path between Torrecilla and Montemediano, or continue to the nearby village Villanueva and go on a stretch of the Great Route Footpath La Rioja Mountains which has a Roman road between Ortigosa y Villoslada de Cameros. 1st alternative: Pradillo Villanueva El Hoyo Go to the highest part of the village and take the path to the left that runs parallel to the N-111 national road. After crossing a rocky area, the path goes down to some fields and then slightly ascends again until it reaches the centre of Villanueva on the church street. It dominates the road at all times. Descend to the Iregua River and take the local road to Ortigosa. Continue on a forest trail to the left after crossing a bridge. On a pronounced curve, leave the trail and take a footpath on the right that leads up between trees. After crossing the canal path, continue up the ravine until you reach a water inlet hut and take the footpath until you reach the vicinity of the abandoned town El Hoyo. Here it links with the GR that leads to Villoslada on the left and to Ortigosa on the right.


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Pradillo is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja.
-Location: It is part of the district of Torrecilla en Cameros. It is in the Camero Nuevo area.
-Area: 10.2 km2.
-Height: 880 metres.
-Economy: Farming plays a secondary role, as there are only small farms producing grain, potatoes and fruit and vegetables. The main activity is farming.

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Recorrido: Almarza bridge - Pradillo - Villanueva - El Hoyo (alternative 1)
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