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High Iberian Valleys footpath (GR-190)

Stage 2, Valvanera - Viniegra de Abajo

  • 4 h 30 min
  • 16.55 km

Valvanera Monastery (00 min) Exit through the door of the inn and take a path above a fountain. After a few minutes, cross a door that gives access to a house in the forest and turn right after passing a gate. Continue the path bordering a fence. After a few metres, turn left and go up a path that penetrates into a holm-oak wood. Pass a water deposit and an apiary, and turn right when you reach a trail. Forest trail (13 min) Continue going up the trail, where a pronounced curve starts. After passing the second ravine, leave the trail for a steep fire lane. By-path in the pine forest (47 min) At first, ascend a steep stretch on the fire lane. Then, exit the lane on the left and enter a by-path through a pine forest, where the slope is smoother. Cross a trail and continue straight on a by-path until you reach the end of the pine forest. Fire lane (1 h 07 min) Turn left and go along the edge of a pine forest on a fire lane once you have reached the summit area. This will lead into a trail. Continue ascending on the trail and, after a steep stretch, you will arrive to another trail. Connection of the forest trail to Ocijo (1 h 30 min) To the right, the footpath goes to Ezcaray. Continue on the trail towards the left and after half an hour (2.4 km) you will arrive at the hill of Ocijo, where there are several hunter shelters. Collado de Ocijo (2 h 05 min) There are good views of the Valley of the Najerilla River with the Urbión Mountains in the distance. There is an open shelter, in a bad state of conservation, where it is possible to bivouac. Ignore the two trails on the right and continue straight on the trail to descend. Exit it on the right after about 10 minutes. Descend a small slope and take a path that continues parallel to the trail for a little while. Then, the path becomes a by-path and, above the Valley of the Rigüelo River, it continues descending towards the Najerilla River. Enter an oak wood and pass next to a fountain. You will reach a plain with pastures and the remains of a pen. Plain in the meadow (2 h 35 min) Leave the pen to the left and continue descending among pastures and trees. You will enter the oak wood again and descend a well-marked steep route that zigzags several times. After these zigzags, turn left and continue descending smoothly on a hillside route with great sessile oaks. Before exiting the oak wood, turn right and zigzag among the oak trees until you reach a lower route where you turn left. After a short stretch, turn right again and descend to a small fold. Cross it and, to the right, start a steep zigzag descent to the bottom of the Rigüelo Valley. Rigüelo Stream (3 h 20 min) Once you have reached the stream, turn left and descend to the beautiful valley on a well-marked path. You will cross three footbridges and a bridge until you reach the regional road where you turn right towards Viniegra de Abajo. Follow the road and you will immediately reach Venta de Goyo. Venta de Goyo (3 h 45 min) Once here, leave the regional road and take the local road to Viniegra de Abajo and Ventrosa on the left. You will reach the road once you cross the bridge over the Najerilla River. Continue down the road. You will leave to the left the crossroads to Ventrosa and reach Vininiegra de Abajo. Viniegra de Abajo (4 h 30 min) End of the stage.


Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Valvanera

The name of the monastery, Valvanera, comes from a Latin expression, “Vallis Venaria” which means " “Valley of the veins of water" since the valley had lots of springs, streams and waterfalls.. The origin of the building of the shrine dates back to the discovery of a 9th-century image of Saint Mary by a repentant thief called Nuño Oñez, according to the “Historia Latina” written by the Abbot of Valvanera, Don Rodrigo de Castroviejo in 1419. It is the Latin translation of a 13th century text ...

Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Valvanera

Viniegra de Abajo

Viniegra de Abajo is one of the 7 Villas in the autonomous region of La Rioja. Viniegra de Abajo is between Camero Nuevo and the Demanda Mountains in the area known as the subdistrict of Upper Najerilla. It stands 881 metres above sea level and is 74 km from Logroño and 50 km from Nájera. The River Urbión crosses Viniegra. The river begins in the Picos de Urbión Mountains which are in the same municipal area as the village.-Location: It is part of the district of Nájera. It is one of the seven V ...

Viniegra de Abajo


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Natural values

High-mountain area alternating between scrubland and wooded-areas, such as beech groves at river sources, reforested Scots and mountain pine on high ground and Pyrenean oak copses, growing to a large size in the Dehesa del Ocijo. On the hillsides in the valley of the Najerilla River, Genista florida broom shrubs are more frequent and there are several patches of mountain holm oaks and mixed broadleaf forests. Here, willows and ashes grow on the banks of the Najerilla River. This area is part of the land under the Natura 2000 network (Mountain ranges of Demanda, Urbión, Cebollera and Cameros), which comprises both the SPAB (Special Protection Area for Birds) and the SCI (Site of Community Importance) previously designated with the same denomination.

Información turística

Valvanera Monastery
Abadía de Valvanera. 941 377 044
Viniegra de Abajo
Rural House Casa Somera. 941 378 190 / 617 875 984
Rural House La Casa de la Tía Quica. 941 378 190 / 617 875 984
Venta de Goyo. 941 378 007
Apartments La Posada del Trashumante. 941 378 008
Hostel Urbión. 941 378 097 / 941 211 974

Valvanera Monastery
Abadía de Valvanera. 941 377 044
Viniegra de Abajo
Venta de Goyo. 941 378 007