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Stage 2, Arnedo - Arnedillo

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Conglomerados cerca de Herce
Vistas del valle
Peñas de Arnedillo
Panel informativo junto al mirador del buitre
Pasarela al Monasterio de Vico
Conglomerados entre Herce y Santa Eulalia Bajera
Vía verde

From the bridge of the LR-123 road over the Cidacos River, take the green trail next to the river towards the back of the School A. Delgado Calvete. When you reach the Cidacos Park, the route is not considered green trail, so you must continue on the path next to the river in the park. At the end of the promenade, you will cross the channel of a gully over a small wood bridge. Here, the signs start again and the trail runs on a path that travels the left bank of the Cidacos River. In two kilometres, on the left of the path, there appears a modern footbridge that allows access to the Vico Monastery on a high river terrace. From the monastery you can access the beginning of another marked route included in the Footpath Network of La Rioja: Footpath of the Vico Hill. Leave this detour and follow the path straight. After about 300 metres, it starts separating from the river to join the original outline of the old trail that comes from Arnedo. The shared stretch with cars starts here. It is about a kilometre long until you reach a bridge over the Higuerri Ravine. The trail passes next to Herce where you find a fountain and a restored building of the old town station. After Herce, the green trail crosses a wide orchard meadow and a bridge over the Cidacos River. From here, the path goes towards the right river bank of the flood plain and slowly ascends over it. At Santa Eulalia, it crosses the road to Préjano and, when it reaches the fluvial terrace, it runs along some trenches. At the end of the trenches, there is a road crossing on the left where you can take the detour to Préjano. After the crossroads to Préjano, you will find the old Santa Eulalia railroad stop next to the road, which currently has a particular use. From here, the green trail runs next to the LR-382 road, crossing it in three occasions. It is important to pay attention to the safety signs. In this stretch there is a viewpoint on a hill that allows to have great views of the Cidacos Valley, the Peñas de Arnedillo and the alignment of the Santa Eulalia Cliffs. Near Peñas de Arnedillo the trail runs parallel to the LR-115 and, in the narrowest area, it crosses a bridge over the Cidacos River and enters the last tunnel that leads to Arnedillo, where the green trail ends. At the end of this town there is an old station that nowadays is part of the municipal pools building.


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Arnedillo is a municipality within the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is in the Lower Rioja region, just a few kilometres from Arnedo, between the Hez and Peñalmonte mountain ranges. The River Cidacos crosses the municipality. The area is well-known for its natural thermal baths that contain hot water filtered from deep down in the earth. This water is used by the spa which is on the right-hand bank of the river on the outskirts of the town. Santa Eulalia Somera is a district just 5 km from Arnedillo next to Santa Eulalia Bajera. It is part of the municipality of Arnedillo.
-Location: It is part of the district of Arnedo.
-Area: 42.2 km2.
-Height: 654 metres.
-Populated areas, neighbourhoods or villages: Santa Eulalia Somera.
-Economy: The thermal spa in Arnedillo attracts tourists to the area and this is the main source of income. The municipality's orography means that there is little crop or livestock farming.

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The city of Arnedo is in the Lower Rioja region of La Rioja and has a population of 14,548. The River Cidacos runs through the municipality. The city's economy centres on the shoe industry. The name Arnedo possibly comes from the Latin Arenetum, collective noun for sand.
-Location:It is part of the district of Arnedo.
-Area: 86.8 km2.
-Height: 550 metres.
-Populated areas, neighbourhoods or villages: Turruncún.
-Economy: Arendo is one of the most prosperous towns in La Rioja. Industrial activity is high, particularly in the shoe sector, which is a tradition inherited from the previous century. The main crops farmed in this area are typically Mediterranean, such as grain, grapes, olives and also fruit and vegetables. The Kan de Vico Medieval market is held in September.

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Old Santa Eulalia train station

Old Santa Eulalia train station

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Old Herce train station

Old Herce train station

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Recorrido: Arnedo - Old Herce train station - Old Santa Eulalia train station - Arnedillo
Distancia: 13.5
Duración: 225
Señalización: Green Trail posters
Avisos: Temporary bypass from Arnedo to Quel due to works in the LR-115 road.

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