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Link 2, Villoslada - El Hoyo

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Camino de El Ollano
Villoslada de Cameros
El Hoyo
Ermita del Ollano
Villoslada de Cameros
Subida desde Peñalos
Cruce de camino en El Hoyo
Robles en el Ollano
Villoslada de Cameros

DIRECTION: EL HOYO-VILLOSLADA. Despoblado del Hoyo (00 min) At the footpath crossing, near the remains of the Hoya Chapel, descend to the right in southwest direction towards a stream. Cross it and ascend a steep path until you reach a flat area with pastures and a semi-collapsed stone wall. Continue walking next to a wall down a narrow footpath until you reach a trail. Trail (20 min) Cross the trail and continue next to the wall. You will cross another badly marked trail. You will sight on the left the Chapel of Ollano. Descend along the edge of a wall until you reach the pastures at the bottom of the river bed, next to the hill. Pastures (25 min) Leave the wall and turn slightly left. Ascend among oaks towards an elevation and descend parallel to a trail (leave the trail on your right) until you reach a stream. Stream (36 min) Cross the stream and continue through an oak wood that has a smooth ascent. Cross a gate at the boundary mark between Villanueva and Villoslada and access, after a few metres, a fire lane. Fire lane (46 min) Great view of the Cebollera Mountains. Cross the fire lane next to a milestone and continue the by-path down the flat area. After a small steep slope you will arrive at another flat area with a pine and Pyrenean oak forest. When reaching the road, turn slightly left and the by-path will become a route that runs parallel to the road. After about 200 metres, the route crosses the road. Road (1 h 07 min) Cross the road and continue straight on a footpath parallel to the road, but on its right. When you reach a split in the path, take the one on the left until you reach a by-path under a light post. By-path with light post (1 h 20 min) Great views of Hoyos de Iregua and Villoslada. Follow a by-path to the right. It will soon become a path next to stone walls and pastures. When you reach a paved trail, descend to the village and enter next to the San Miguel Chapel. Villoslada de Cameros (1 h 43 min) Continue descending straight, always on the left, and you will reach the City council. DIRECTION: VILLOSLADA-EL HOYO. Villoslada de Cameros (00 min) Turn right and go up San Miguel street. Pass next to San Miguel Chapel and arrive at a trail crossing. Go up the paved trail until you reach the cemetery and, before reaching it, take a path on the right that continues on the hillside along walls and pastures. After a milestone, you reach a by-path under a light post. By-path with light post (28 min) Turn left and, after a few metres, take the route to the right that continues on the hillside parallel to the road until it crosses it. Road (41 min) Cross the road and take a parallel footpath on the right side. After 5 minutes, you will reach a by-path. Continue on the by-path, moving away from the road, and cross a flat area with a pine and Pyrenean oak forest. Before a small descent, you will see in the distance the Chapel of Ollano and the Serradero Peaks. Cross another flat area among oaks and you will reach a fire lane. Fire lane (58 min) Cross the fire lane next to a milestone and continue to the left along a fence until you reach a gate, at the boundary mark between Villoslada and Villanueva. After crossing the gate, the path descends to a stream. Stream (1 h 06 min) Wade across the stream and go up to continue on the old path that runs parallel to a trail on the right. You will reach an elevation and turn left slightly to descend towards the pastures. You will pass next to a trough. Ollano Pastures (1 h 18 min) From the edge of the pastures, the path ascends next to a stone path. After 5 minutes, you will sight the Chapel of Ollano to the right. Continue next to the stone wall and, after crossing a badly marked trail, you will reach another trail.


Orden del punto del recorrido: 2
Ciudad del punto del recorrido
Villoslada de Cameros

Villoslada de Cameros is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is 50 km from the region's capital city and stands at 1,072 metres. The municipality covers 94.56 km² and has a population of 362.
-Location: It is part of the district of Torrecilla en Cameros. It is in the far south of the Demanda Mountains, upstream of the River Iregua.
-Area: 94.5 km2.
-Height: 1,072 metres.
-Economy: The municipality's economy centres on livestock farming and forestry.

Orden del punto del recorrido: 1
Punto de interés del punto del recorrido
Abandoned village of El Hoyo

Abandoned village of El Hoyo

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Recorrido: Abandoned village of El Hoyo - Villoslada de Cameros
Distancia: 5.96
Duración: 103
Señalización: Red and white markers
Avisos: With the arrival of autumn, in certain specific points of the forest, Trombiculidae bugs, also known as red bugs, appear. They parasitize animals and, in contact with humans, they cause skin reactions. These are not serious, although they are very annoying. More information and recommendations

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