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7, Footpath for Lumbreras and its hamlets

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Chozo de El Perrón
Perfil de la etapa
Arroyo de Cañada Ancha
El Horcajo
Vista aérea de Lumbreras y sus aldeas
Despoblado de El Hoyo

Lumbreras (00 min) The footpath starts at the church square. Turn right and continue straight, leaving the road to El Horcajo on the left. You will reach the meadow of Las Matas down a paved path. Cross the gate and, among oaks, walk through the meadow until you reach the Cañada Ancha Stream. Cañada Ancha Stream (45 min) From here you can go to San Andrés if you take the footpath on the right after a steep slope, instead of crossing the stream. You will reach a hill that will lead the descent to the village, where you can visit the Ethnographic museum. From San Andrés you can go to El Perrón by crossing Campo La Cruz and also continue the footpath of the Iregua Roman Road to Piqueras. On the main itinerary, cross the footbridges over the Cañada Ancha Stream and take the footpath to the left that goes up the El Perrón stream until it reaches a site with an old rebuilt shack. El Perrón Shack (1 h) To continue, go upstream until you reach a trough, where you leave the valley, and ascend a hill range that leads you to a hill. From here, descend to the village of El Horcajo, which you access by a beautiful path lined with aspens. El Horcajo (1 h 40 min) From this village, the most elevated city centre of the region (1,300 m), the path leaves the road and advances to the right among old croplands and young oak woods. After leaving the footpath that goes to the La Pellejera fountain, you arrive at the vantage point of La Pinilla, that was populated in the past. From here you will have a good view of Lumbreras and the Cebollera Mountains. Cross a stream and, after a smooth descent, you will reach El Hoyo. El Hoyo (2 h 40 min) Currently, El Hoyo is composed by several pens and some derelict mansions. From here there are two options to complete the itinerary. One through Iruelas, that runs on the hillside among oaks and abandoned croplands. The other option is to descend next to stone walls to Fuente Vadillos and then ascend a hillock from which you can see Lumbreras. Go down again to cross the Valle Stream, where it flows into the Iruelas. A steep slope among brushwood leads you to Lumbreras to end the hike. Lumbreras (3 h 15 min) End of the hike. This footpath allows you to carry out different circular hikes with variable length. The one that starts and ends in San Andrés, passing by the El Perrón shack, is 4.7 km long. The other is 4 km long and starts and ends in Lumbreras, passing by El Hoyo. The longer itinerary can be shortened at El Horcajo, by returning to Lumbreras by road.

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Recorrido: Lumbreras - Cañada Ancha - El Perrón - El Horcajo - La Pinilla - El Hoyo - Lumbreras
Distancia: 11.7
Duración: 195
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Avisos: With the arrival of autumn, in certain specific points of the forest, Trombiculidae bugs, also known as red bugs, appear. They parasitize animals and, in contact with humans, they cause skin reactions. These are not serious, although they are very annoying. More information and recommendations p /p There are also self-guided footpaths available a target= _blank href= La Blanca /a , a target= _blank href= The Trail of las Majadas /a , a target= _blank href= Adapted Footpath of El Achichuelo /a

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