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6, Roman road footpath

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Venta de Piqueras
Centro de la Trashumancia
Perfil de la etapa
Fiesta de la Trashumancia
Parque Aventura de Lumbreras
La Nava
Lumbreras desde el sendero

This footpath coincides with the two last stages of another marked route included in the Footpath Network of La Rioja: the Iregua Roman Road, the stages of Villoslada-Lumbreras (4) and Lumbreras-Puerto de Piqueras (5). Villoslada (00 min) Exit through the trail that goes up from the San Roque Chapel. After the first curve, leave the trail and take a route into the pine forest. There is a long stretch of paved path which ends in a fence with a gate. Cross the gate and descend to La Nava Lake. Pass some rocks and continue the hillside path until you reach a gate. The itinerary turns left, crosses the N-111 road and descends towards the river. It crosses the bridge over the Piqueras River and goes up to Lumbreras. Lumbreras (1 h 30 min) Leave the detour to the village of El Horcajo and continue on the path that passes next to the cemetery. When you arrive to the road crossing, go through the gate to enter the meadow. Walk among Pyrenean oaks and leave a pond on the left. Descend to a meadow and cross the bridge over the Cañada Ancha Stream. Go up a flat stone path among oaks until you reach a small tower. The path crosses a metallic gate and takes you to San Andrés, next to a two pipe fountain. San Andrés (2 h 30 min) From the Ethnographic museum go down the Calzada Real. Leave the church on the right and continue the street until you reach the connection with the national road. Cross the N-111 road and then a bridge. After a cattle grid, turn left and follow the path next to the Piqueras River, where you will find Fuentellana. Go into the open field and wade across two streams before crossing a bridge again that goes from Villoslada to Piqueras on the other river bank among pines. Go through the gate and walk to Venta de Piqueras. Venta de Piqueras (4 h 10 min) Exit behind the transept and follow the cattle route up to the pine forest until you arrive to Puerto de Piqueras, on the border with Soria. Puerto de Piqueras (5 h 20 min) End of the hike.


Orden del punto del recorrido: 3
Punto de interés del punto del recorrido
Venta de Piqueras

Venta de Piqueras

Orden del punto del recorrido: 1
Punto de interés del punto del recorrido


Orden del punto del recorrido: 2
Orden del punto del recorrido: 4
Punto de interés del punto del recorrido
Puerto de Piqueras (5611 feet)

Puerto de Piqueras (5611 feet)

Color de la etapa: #ADFF2F
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Recorrido: Villoslada - Lumbreras - San Andrés - Venta de Piqueras - Puerto de Piqueras
Distancia: 15.5
Duración: 320
Rutas de navegación: Download file
Señalización: Orange and green markers
Avisos: With the arrival of autumn, in certain specific points of the forest, Trombiculidae bugs, also known as red bugs, appear. They parasitize animals and, in contact with humans, they cause skin reactions. These are not serious, although they are very annoying. More information and recommendations p /p There are also self-guided footpaths available a target= _blank href= La Blanca /a , a target= _blank href= The Trail of las Majadas /a , a target= _blank href= Adapted Footpath of El Achichuelo /a

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