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3, El Achichuelo footpath

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Iregua en La Blanca
Hayas junto al Iregua
La Blanca I
La Blanca II
El Achichuelo
Alto del Achicharre
Vista de La Blanca
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Achichuelo (00 min) Start at the shelter of Achichuelo and travel the road parallel to the Iregua River, without crossing the bridge. Down the road, the trail continues among beeches and pines along the river bank. Afterwards there is a route that leads back to the road up to Puente Ra. Puente Ra (40 min) After crossing the bridge turn left to climb the route that leads to the Chapel. Climb the 55 stone steps and arrive at the square. Chapel (1 h) Behind the Chilena Fountain, take the traditional path to Villoslada. Follow the wire fence to ascend between pines and descend to the La Romanizosa Fountain. Cross a trail and descend to Las Rameras Ravine. Las Rameras Ravine (2 h) Continue on the trail and turn left down a footpath that goes up the Iregua River stream. Cross the bridge to arrive at the shelter. Achichuelo (2 h 35 min) End of the hike.


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Puente Ra

Puente Ra

Orden del punto del recorrido: 3
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Lomos de Orio Chapel

Lomos de Orio Chapel

Orden del punto del recorrido: 4
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Achichuelo - La Blanca

Achichuelo - La Blanca

Orden del punto del recorrido: 1
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Achichuelo - La Blanca

Achichuelo - La Blanca

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Recorrido: Achichuelo - Puente Ra - Lomos de Orio Chapel - El Achichuelo
Distancia: 9.3
Duración: 155
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Señalización: Orange and green markers
Avisos: With the arrival of autumn, in certain specific points of the forest, Trombiculidae bugs, also known as red bugs, appear. They parasitize animals and, in contact with humans, they cause skin reactions. These are not serious, although they are very annoying. More information and recommendations p /p There are also self-guided footpaths available a target= _blank href= La Blanca /a , a target= _blank href= The Trail of las Majadas /a , a target= _blank href= Adapted Footpath of El Achichuelo /a

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