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Would you like to taste wine under the shade of an almond tree?

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Short Description: Riojatrek

Jornadas de Enoturismo de Riojatrek
Jornadas de Enoturismo de Riojatrek

Wine from a goat-skin bag, homemade chorizo and bread… But wait: not so fast. Before tasting we need to deserve it by doing some seasonal tasks in the vineyard. 

In summer, the vines produce more leaves that have to be removed and controlled. Apart from that, we must check the sugar content in the berries in order to guess the potential alcohol content in the wine. To measure that, we use a refractometer. What is that? You will learn how it works in our wine tour workshops.

After discovering the winegrower’s jobs in the plot, we will enjoy the above-mentioned snack under the tree. Before the sun is too warm we will move to an underground cellar (from the 16th century). Fresh and satisfied, we will taste wine directly from two different barrels. The wine you like the most will be bottled, labelled and corked by yourself and following the old style. 

Come to find shelter from the heat and learn about winemaking at the same time in our wine tour workshops.

See you there!

Activity Start Date: 21/06/2019
Place and Time: 10:30h to 13:30h. Duration: 3 hours
Price: 28€
Phone: +34 941 587 354/ 679 010 804
Organize: Riojatrek
Type of event:
Guided Tours
Wine activities
Época del año:
Min/max group: Mínimum four people. It is possible to join a group.
Web page:
Price: 28€
Place and Time: 10:30h to 13:30h. Duration: 3 hours
District: Logroño y alrededores

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