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Muro de Aguas

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Muro de Aguas is a municipality and town in the autonomous region of La Rioja, Spain. To the south it borders the province of Soria along the Achena Mountains. The Isasa Crag is to the north standing at 1,456 metres. It is the highest peak in the Peñalmonte Mountains. The municipal area of Muro de Aguas borders Arnedo and Préjano to the north, Villarroya to the east, Cornago and San Pedro Manrique to the south and Enciso to the west. Muro de Aguas and Ambas Aguas, which is 6.6 km away, have the same district council.
-Location: It is part of the district of Arnedo. It covers the area at the foot of the Isasa Crag in the Cumbrero and Achena Mountains.
-Area: 31.1 km2.
-Height: 891 metres.
-Populated areas: Ambas Aguas.
-Economy: Muro's textile industry disappeared two centuries ago and the main activity is now farming: grain, potatoes, grapes, olives and fruit and vegetables.

Tourism resources:

The Parish Church of San Baudilio is 12th century Romanesque style with a 14th century barrel vault. In its interior it houses the Christ of Ambas Aguas, from the 17th century, Classicist style, full-size. The San Juan Church seems to be the reconstruction of a Romanesque building. In the 16th century a barrel vaulted chancel was added. The Cristo Chapel was built in mid-17th century in linked masonry and ashlar, with a single nave and chancel. The interior houses a Classicist reredos. In the city council square there is a 16-pipe fountain and a medieval pillory.


Number of inhabitants: 60
District: La Rioja Suroriental
Distance to the capital (Km): 67
Distances to other places (Km): Arnedo: 17.5, Logroño: 66.1, Pamplona: 90.7, Soria: 122, Zaragoza: 136
AEMET identifier: 26100

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