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Lardero is a municipality in La Rioja. It borders Logroño, the region's capital. The town has grown enormously in the last few years and it has become a residential area close to Logroño. The population has exceeded 7,000 in the last few years. According to official figures from the Spanish national statistics institute, Lardero's population rose by 546 between 2005 and 2006, an increase of 8.7%. This makes Lardero one of La Rioja's fastest growing municipalities in terms of population. Historically, Lardero's main activity has been farming (grapes, peaches, pears, apples... ). The town's population increase over the last ten years has however been important and Lardero is now pretty much part of Logroño, as the municipal buses run through Lardero.
-Location:It is part of the district of Logroño.
-Area: 20.3 km2.
-Height: 435 metres.
-Economy: Lardero's population has increased over the century as a result of it's proximity to Logroño and it being part of a developed area. Until recently, the main activity was farming, but in the last few years there has been a lot of industrial growth resulting in many social and economic changes, such as a rise in the population and developing secondary and tertiary sectors. In the last few years it has become a commuter city.

Tourism resources:

The Parish Church of San Pedro is a building with a very wide single nave covered by a gable roof. In its interior the highlight is a great Baroque reliquary shrine. The San Marcial Basilica was built in 1716 by Gregorio de Alzola. It has a single nave with chapels, transept and rectangular chancel. The flat arch portal hosts an image of San Marcial in the interior of a niche below a triangle pediment. The mortal remains of the saint are kept in a wooden chasse reliquary.


Number of inhabitants: 5062
Local festivals: On 29 and 30 June, San Marcial and San Pedro.
District: Logroño y alrededores
Distance to the capital (Km): 4
Distances to other places (Km): Logroño: 5.6, Pamplona: 70, Soria: 92.2, Vitoria: 101, Burgos: 118
AEMET identifier: 26084

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