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Haro is a Spanish town and municipality located in the northeast of the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is the main town in the district of Haro and the largest in the Upper Rioja region. It borders the province of Burgos to the north along the Obarnes Mountains and Álava to the east along the River Ebro. According to the Spanish national statistics institute, the population in 2010 was 11,960. The main activity is vine growing and the production of quality wines with the Rioja Designation of Origen quality label. The area's wineries are one of the main tourist attractions and thousands of visitors pass through them each year. The town also has a lot of architectural and city heritage, including the main entrance to the Santo Tomás Church by Felipe Vigarny, the many palaces and also the old quarter, which was declared an historic and artistic site in 1975. There are a number of interesting facts about Haro; it hosts a Wine Fight, which is a festival of national tourist interest; it has the third oldest lantern procession in Spain; it was the first Spanish town to have electric street lights; and it was one of seven towns that are not provincial capitals to have a branch of the Bank of Spain.
-Location: It is part of the district of Haro. It is in the northwest of La Rioja, on the border between Burgos and Álava.
-Area: 40.32 km2.
-Height: 479 metres.
-Populated areas, neighbourhoods or villages: The San Felices neighbourhood.
-Economy: Haro's economy is closely linked to farming and industry, particularly wine production. Over 600 hectares of land are used for grape growing in the "Wine City", as Haro is known, and the quality wine produced is famous worldwide. The textile, leather and shoe industries also play an important role.

Tourism resources:

Beautiful historic city centre, with a medieval core, Santa Bárbara Gate, Herradura street, alleys and traditional buildings.
Plaza de la Paz.
The 18th century City Council has two floors. The lower one with semicircular arch colonnades and the upper one with a continuous balcony and four semicircular arches that support the entablature and the pediment.
The Parish Church of Santo Tomás, in late Gothic style, is a national monument. It was built in the 16th and 17th centuries in dressed stone and has three naves of the same height, octagonal chancel with five facing walls, and a tower at the base. The main portal has two semicircular arch entrances with the figure of the twelve apostles, but it also has two other portals. The tower is Baroque as well as the reredos and the images in the inside.
Santa María de la Vega Basilica. Built with ashlar, masonry and brick, it has three naves with five sections, transept, and rectangular chancel. The main portal has semicircular arches between the pilasters and the entablature, with images of San Pedro and San Pablo at the sides of a niche which contains the image of the Virgin.
Ex-convent of San Agustín. Built during the 16th century, after the seizure of church property it has been a prison, a school, a hospital and a theatre.
Palace of the Counts of Haro, Palace of Las Bezaras, Palace of Tejada, Paternina, Palace of La Cruz, Palace of the Condestables, nowadays in ruins.
Augustinians Convent, nowadays a hotel. Watchtower with viewpoint.
Bretón Theatre, 19th century.
In Haro we can find the Oenological Research Station and some of the oldest Rioja wineries. Wine Museum in the Oenological Research Station. The market takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


Number of inhabitants: 9815
Local festivals: San Juan, San Felices and San Pedro Festivals, on 24, 26 and 29 June, when the famous Wine Battle takes place. On 8 September, there is a celebration for Nuestra Señora Virgen de la Vega, patron saint of Haro.
District: La Rioja Alta
Distance to the capital (Km): 44
Distances to other places (Km): Logroño: 46, Pamplona: 130, Soria: 91, Vitoria: 133, Burgos: 142
AEMET identifier: 26071

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