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Foncea is a municipality in the autonomous region of La Rioja. It is in the northeast of the province next to the Obarenes Mountains. The municipality is under the local jurisdiction of Haro and is on the outskirts of Miranda de Ebro. If you cross the Obarenes Mountains leaving the Pancorbo gorge behind you, you are at a height of about 1,000 metres. The landscape is beautiful with impressive limestone formations; boxwood, heather and hawthorn grow where the land is free of rocks. There is a lake that is full of water almost all year round. The Riojan village of Foncea stands at 980 metres. It is the last village in La Rioja (from Alfaro to Foncea as the popular local song says) and is bordered by villages in the province of Burgos. The view to the east and south is clear and due to its proximity to the mountains, the water in this village is very soft. The villages before Foncea do not share this water.
-Location: It is part of the district of Haro. It borders Burgos.
-Area: 22.6 km2.
-Height 698 metres.
-Economy: The village's economic structure is weak and inhabitants have therefore left to move to the nearby urban and industrial centres.

Tourism resources:

The Parish Church of San Miguel, built between the 15th and 18th centuries, has a nave, an octagonal chancel, a high choir at the base, and a three sectional tower with Romanist decoration. The highlight is a Renaissance reredos with influence of the Forment School with contemporary images. In the sacristy there is a beautiful late 18th century Hispano-Philippine ivory crucifix. Castle of the cemetery, where several people executed in 1936 are buried. Emblazoned noblemen houses.


Number of inhabitants: 107
Local festivals: El Cristo de la Antigua, on 8 May. San Miguel, on 29 September.
District: La Rioja Alta
Distance to the capital (Km): 62
Distances to other places (Km): Logroño: 52.3, Pamplona: 64.9, Soria: 73.5, Vitoria: 143, Burgos: 163
AEMET identifier: 26062

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