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El Rasillo

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Long Description:

This is a mountainous municipality that has been farmed for years. It was a village belonging to Ortigosa until 1817. Now it is a tourist village between the reservoir and the mountain.
-Surrounding area: The Romanesque San Mamés Chapel, which was rebuilt in 1815. Inside the chapel there is a small Baroque altarpiece in the chancel with a Baroque image of San Mamés. The González Lacasa Reservoir is home to the nautical club where you can do various sports and go trout fishing. Mountain walks. The high Agenzana path, which takes you through pine trees and beechwoods. Climbing the El Zapatero crag in nearby Nieva. The Ortigosa caves.

-Location: It is part of the district of Torrecilla en Cameros. The village is next to the González Lacasa Reservoir.
-Area: 13.7 km2.
-Height: 1,100 metres.
-Economy: El Rasillo's economy is based on livestock farming and is complemented by the crops grown on small vegetable plots. Rural tourism is also starting to become a significant source of income.

Tourism resources:

Nuestra Señora de las Eras Parish, built in the 17th century over an old building from the 16th century, of which some parts are preserved. It has a single nave with a rectangular chancel, a transept and a tower. In its interior it is worth mentioning the Rococo reredos. Centenary elm tree in the square. Typical mountain mansions. Residential area with detached houses near the town.


Number of inhabitants: 114
Local festivals: On 17 August, San Mamés. Santa Rita and Virgen de las Eras, on 7 to 9 August.
District: Sierra
Distance to the capital (Km): 48
AEMET identifier: 26122

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