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Anguiano is a municipality in the Upper Rioja area of the autonomous region of La Rioja, Spain. There are three neighbourhoods in this town: Mediavilla, Eras and Cuevas. Mediavilla is the largest and houses the town hall, the San Andrés parish Church and many nobles' houses. Livestock farming is the traditional activity in the Cuevas neighbourhood, which houses the San Pedro Church. The River Najerilla separates Cuevas from Mediavilla and the two are connected by the Madre de Dios bridge. Eras is a farming neighbourhood where the majority of the village's barns were located, although there are several nobles' houses as well. The Aidillo gully separates Eras from Mediavilla and in the past, the Puentecilla bridge was the only way to cross this gully. The village is famous for its dancers on stilts, which is said to be La Rioja's oldest folk tradition.
-Location: It is part of the district of Nájera.
-Area: 90.6 km2.
-Height: 663 metres.
-Economy: Livestock farming is the main activity, particularly goats, horses, cows and wool production. Tourism has increased in this area in the last few years.

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Its three beautiful districts: Eras, Mediavilla and Cuevas, with the San Andrés Church, 17th century, and San Pedro Church, 16th century, in the Cuevas district. The San Andrés Church is a rough ashlar and masonry building with three square-floor plan naves covered by stellar ribbed vaults, a tower to the south, a Classicist portal, and a low choir at the base. The highlight of the interior is the Baroque reredos of the main altar. The Chapel of La Magdalena is a Baroque building with a three section nave, square main chapels, octagonal chancel with three facing walls and sacristy covered by barrel vaults. Next to it is a particular intermittent water fountain dated 17th century. The 18th century Cuevas Bridge has a single arch and is 30 metres above the river. It offers picturesque views of the valley.


Number of inhabitants: 548
Local festivals: Santa María Magdalena, on 22 and 23 July (stilt dancers, festival of touristic interest), Pilgrimage to Valvanera on 15 September, Red Bean Fair (on the last weekend in October).
District: La Rioja Alta
Distance to the capital (Km): 46
Distances to other places (Km): Logroño: 44.1, Pamplona: 88.1, Soria: 102, Vitoria: 104, Burgos: 129
AEMET identifier: 26014

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