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Aldeanueva de Ebro

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Aldeanueva de Ebro is a municipality in La Rioja that is part of the Alfaro district. It is 10 kilometres from Calahorra and 65 kilometres from Logroño. The municipality dates back to the 11th century, when it was settled by shepherds from the Cameros region and from Calahorra following Calahorra's recapture by King García Sánchez III of Nájera in 1045. It was a village belonging to Calahorra until 1664, during the reign of Felipe IV, when the friars at the Fitero Monastery, which was linked to the village, lent the villagers a significant amount of money and it became an independent town. Following many claims, the village then called Arnedo de Ebro was handed to Manuel Íñiguez of Arnedo.
-Location: It is part of the district of Alfaro.
-Area:29 Km2.
-Height: 343 metres.
-Economy: The main activity is grain and grape growing, although other fruits and vegetables are also farmed and these products have resulted in a large canning industry.

Tourism resources:

Magnificent Renaissance Temple of San Bartolomé made of brick, with three naves with ribbed vaults, and an octagonal chancel. The main portal has two sections. The top part hosts in a niche the image of San Bartolomé by Juan Félix de Camporredondo of 1730. It also has an exceptional Romanist reredos. Sculptures of the local artist Miguel Ángel Sáinz Jiménez.


Number of inhabitants: 2732
Local festivals: On 24 August, San Bartolomé. On 8 September, Virgen de los Remedios. At Christmas time, Winter Festival.
District: La Rioja Suroriental
Distance to the capital (Km): 59
Distances to other places (Km): Logroño: 65, Pamplona: 86.9, Soria: 101, Vitoria: 116, Zaragoza: 129
AEMET identifier: 26008

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