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Monasterio de San José

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This convent was founded in 1598 in Calahorra with barefoot nuns of the Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Many were the people who supported the construction of its church, which was consecrated in the year 1642, among whom we should mention the Bishop of Calahorra y La Calzada, Pedro Manso de Zúñiga and the head of the Patronazgo, José González de Uzqueta.

The monastery church is currently the only part of the convent which can be visited. Consecrated in 1642, it has a Latin cross floor plan, with clearly Carmelite origins, which follows the religious model of the early 17th c. /span>

The façade of the church has a typical Carmelite rectangle crowned by a triangular top with balls. Over the main doorway is a stone image of San José with the infant from 1649 which comes from Madrid, with eagles on either side holding the arms of the González de Uzqueta family.

The main altar is in the classic style from the first half of the 17th century, in the centre of the body, a group of sculptures of the Trinity and Holy Family in the Castilian style of the school of Gregorio Fernández. In the side panels and attic, paintings of the life of Santa Teresa.

In the side altarpiece, on the left you can admire an extraordinary carving of Christ tied to a column, by Gregorio Fernández from 1625 and an oil painting of Jesus Saviour of the World.

In the central nave there are two neo-gothic altarpieces with the images of Saint Teresa de Jesús on the right hand side and the Holy Family on the left.

In the southern arm of the transept a 1644 painting by Bartolomé Román depicting the martyrdom of St. Bartholomew and in the lower choir, a magnificent Romanist crucifix from the late 16th c., by the Portuguese sculptor Manuel Pereira.

The monastery has lodging with a spacious inner patio. The Carmelite nuns who live here make exquisite sweets and confectionery in the monastic tradition.


Visiting Hours: 10,00 - 13,00 and 16,00 - 18,30 everyday. In Advent and Lent visits to the Monastery are restricted. Only the church is open to visits.
Price (€): La voluntad
District: La Rioja Suroriental

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