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Antiguas minas de plomo de Jubera

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The old lead mines are a place of great cultural and historical value in the Valley of Jubera.


the route is self-guided, and tourists can enjoy following the explanations of the interpretive panels that have been placed and which make reference to a historical and descriptive tour of the work in the mines.

Different aspects are explained:
Panel 1: The history of the site, from the beginning until the end of its exploitation.
Panel 2: Elaboration of the works inside the mines. Extraction of the mineral seams, work materials, security measures, etc.
Panel 3: Treatments of the lead outside the galleries: mills, decanters, dryers, etc.
Panel 4: Hydrogeology of Fuente de Los Túneles de Los Moros.


The space is open to the public interested. It is advisable to visit the mines in hours of daylight.


District: Sierra

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