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Gastronomy is the perfect companion to Rioja wine

La Rioja’s rivers water the lush local orchards that provide top-quality ingredients for the region’s star vegetable dishes: from artichokes, cardoons and borage to the masterly combination of ingredients that take shape in the exceptional vegetable stews. The meat is exceptional too. The green pastures on the region’s southern slopes are home to first-class cattle that is bred traditionally. Delicacies include excellent beef from Cameros and roast lamb chops grilled on dry vine shoots from La Rioja’s vineyards. A genuine pleasure for the senses. Despite being an inland region, fish is also a staple on the menu in La Rioja, especially cod. Traditional grandma recipes have survived in this region: patitas (potatoes), manitas (pig’s trotters), patorrillo (stew made with lamb innards), embuchados (stuffed meat), snails… Desserts are the perfect end to a delicious meal. A throwback to the region’s Arabic past, Arnedo’s fardalejos are an almond and oil temptation. Soto, in Cameros, is famous for producing delicious marzipan delights. This simple, mouth-watering cuisine based on local produce is served in La Rioja’s restaurants, where you can choose from hearty set menus or elaborate à la carte creations designed by Michelin-star chefs. Although the most traditional way to experience food in the region is to set off on a pinchos route around the most famous areas in each locality. Bon appétit!