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Welcome to Ambassadors of La Rioja, Tourist Destination

Pablo Sáinz Villegas will carry the name of our land all over the world. La Rioja, small in size yet full of tourist attractions. The character of its people, its towns and corners, make this land a unique destination, where you also have a leading role.

  • Because that is how you feel it naturally.
  • Because we want you to show us La Rioja as you would show it to the rest.
  • Because you are passionate about our region, its people and attractions.
  • Because you want to share what you like the most.
  • Because you know the values of true Riojans.
  • Because you like to experience it rather than being told about it.
  • Because you understand what it means to travel to La Rioja.
  • Because you know how to make everyone feel at home in La Rioja.
  • Because you know what it is like to be part of a place called La Rioja.
  • Because you are the perfect host for every friend who comes to La Rioja for the first time.
  • Because you are a lover and staunch defender of local cuisine.
  • Because you pair wines and tapas like no one else can.
  • Because you bring together friends and La Rioja like no one else can.
  • Because you know how to make others live unforgettable moments full of smiles.
  • Because you find La Rioja appealing.

What to do to become an ambassador

  • Enrol in the programme and share your best photos and videos of La Rioja in social media with the hashtag #LaRiojaAmbassadors.
  • Show how Riojan you feel by sharing your life experiences with all of us. Examples:
    1. Upload a photo with your friends from another region or country
    2. Record and show a video clip with a friend teaching him/her typical expressions and words from La Rioja
    3. Share on social media an anecdote about something that happened in La Rioja or a summary about your short tip to La Rioja...
  • Teach your mastery of Spanish through your written publications and posts on blogs about what it is like to be in La Rioja, following the trail of Gonzalo de Berceo

Benefits of being an ambassador

  • Unique gifts for being an ambassador: La Rioja Ambassador welcome gif
  • Raffles and exclusive competitions of tourist experiences for those who are enrolled in the #LaRiojaAmbassadors programme (Actual, Ven a la Bene, Rafael Azcona Film Archive, etc...)
  • 10% discount in Barranco Perdido
  • 10% discount in Valdezcaray
  • Being able to participate in the Annual La Rioja Ambassadors Gala event
Become an ambassador