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Carrusel Inspírate-Deportes y Aventura

Sport and Adventure Companies

La Rioja has loads of adventures in store. Reach out to our professional sport and adventure tourism companies for the best options.

Head first into the adventure zone

Sport and Adventure Companies
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Sports and adventure

Active Sport

If you come to La Rioja with children to have fun, we suggest some activities and visits especially designed so that they can have a great time and everyone enjoys an unforgettable stay. La Rioja offers all types of sports and fun activities in contact with nature. We also offer the opportunity to learn how our grandparents lived or to become an archaeologist in Contrebia-Leukade or meet the oldest inhabitants of La Rioja —the dinosaurs. And, in the land of wine, the little ones will enjoy learning how Rioja wine is made, treading grapes or running through the vineyards. Children enjoy the experiences offered by La Rioja, with that village life they are no longer familiar with, participating in harvesting tasks or discovering dinosaur tracks in El Barranco Perdido (The Lost Gully) like veritable palaeontologists.

Live adventure in La Rioja!