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A mosaic of art, culture and traditions

The natural wealth of this frontier land has led all the peoples that have passed through the Peninsula to settle in this region located on the banks of river Ebro. Contrebia Leukade, one of the oldest settlements in La Rioja, dates back to Celtiberian times. Calahorra also has a memorable Roman past. The Arabs also left their legacy, with legends such as the Battle of Clavijo and Santiago’s white horse, before moving on to a long era of Medieval traditions, monasteries that accommodated the region’s cultural wealth until the arrival of a more modern period, marked by the revolution of the wine industry and the development of the region. However, La Rioja’s cultural life is not a thing of the past. It lives on today in many projects: avant-garde art, architecture, performance arts, music... and in the festivities and traditions that you will discover when you visit.