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Santa Lucía Bonfires, Arnedo

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Short Description: Arnedo, 13 de diciembre

Santa Lucía, 13 December. Bonfires will be lit in the evening.
Somewhere between religious tradition and a pagan festival, it is the custom in Arnedo on the night of 12 December for a crowd to meet to light bonfires in honour of Santa Lucia.

The bonfires are spread around various streets in the town when night falls and serve as an excuse for many local people to share the delightful taste of baked potatoes and chestnuts with neighbours and friends.

This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when due to a delay that had accumulated in the Julian Calendar, the festival of Santa Lucía was during the winter solstice and therefore the shortest day of the year. This, together with the fact that the saint’s name means ‘she who bears light’, has led, throughout all the years since then, to many places in Spain honouring the saint by lighting lots of bonfires in the streets of their towns and villages.

Activity Start Date: 13/12/2014
Place and Time: Arnedo


Type of event:
Festivals, fairs and traditions
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Place and Time: Arnedo
District: La Rioja Suroriental

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