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Rancho de esquileo de Brieva

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Traditional life is transformed and in any of its manifestations may even eventually disappear.

El “Rancho de Esquileo” de Brieva (Brieva Shearing Ranch) is a cultural manifestation that wants to teach young people past activities now gone, so they will be familar with and remember them.
The result is the renovation of a building that used to store wool after shearing, to turn it into a space to pay tribute to the figure of the Shearer and at the same time to the world of transhumance.

What is a Shearing Ranch? What are the facilities like? How are sheep sheared? How is shearing done?...

These are just a few of the questions we try to answer in a space specially designed for all types of users and adapted to people with visual impairment.


Guided Tour


Address: Costanilla, 36 26324
Phone: 941 377 071
Fax: 941 377 071
Center for Interpretation
Visiting Hours: For bookings, call 620-749-781 / 941-377-071
District: Sierra

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