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Plaza de Abastos. Mercado de San Blas

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Rarely do markets play such an important role in the history, tourism and life of the city like the Mercado de San Blas. Its walls have heard many stories and hide the heartbeat of the city; a world full of smells, sounds, textures, colours and shapes, where not only goods and products, but also gossip, advice, and greetings are exchanged.

Logroño's Mercado de San Blas combines architectural beauty a tasty culinary offer. Fish, vegetables, nuts, spices and cold meats are some of the products that distinguish the stalls in this market providing it with its own personality that changes tastes every season.

Tradition and professionalism are the mark of our merchants, which makes them specialists in all types of produce and foodstuffs offered in the market. Who better to give advice?. We want you to feel safe at our side.


Address: Sagasta, 1 26001
Phone: +34 941 220 430
Web page:
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Open at Weekends: Los sábados
District: Logroño y alrededores

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