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Almazara Valle del Iregua

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Almazara Valle del Iregua (Iregua Valley Oil Mill), in Albelda de Iregua (La Rioja), is the first oil mill in the Iregua Valley.
Almazara Valle del Iregua is a company with state-of-the-art technology, mainly engaged in producing cold-pressed, non-filtered, extra virgin olive oils, at all times being committed to the quality of its products. Promoting olive growing and olive oil tourism through several activities and wine tasting courses.

Almazara Valle del Iregua believes that consumers should know which are the best methods for obtaining extra virgin olive oil in all its glory. As a result of their commitment to quality,
Almazara Valle del Iregua has adapted to the Organic Farming Legislation with cutting-edge machinery manufactured in stainless steel with two-stage extraction system. It also holds the Environmental quality standard ISO 14001.

Another activity of the mill is the promotion of olive oil tourism through guided tours of the mill and and olive groves, as well as tasting sessions and courses on olive growing and oil technology.

Additional information:

The visit to Almazara Valle del Iregua oil mill starts with a short introduction to the history of the olive tree, since its introduction in the peninsula to the more current and modern planting techniques. Then reference is made to the DOP “Aceite de la Rioja” which guarantees each and every one of our products.

Then we go the projection room, where there is a presentation of the mill, and all the extraction process is explained step by step, as well as the best methods for conservation of the best Extra Virgin olive oil.

Once the visitor has understood the Extra Virgin olive oil extraction process, we make the guided tour of our facilities, visiting every room: the reception courtyard, oil extraction room, cellar and packaging room.

Once the guided visit has finished, there will be a guided tasting session at the mill, where we analyze both the most common oils that we can find at any establishment as well as the best Ecological Extra Virgin olive oils cold pressed.

While the oils are tasted, different perceptions and sensations experienced when performing the event are discussed.

Once the different olive oils have been tasted, we go to another room where a delicious meal is awaiting us, using the best Almazara Iregua Valley wine and local produce. The meal naturally consists of olive oil dipping, as well as 4 or 6 tapas, all garnished with Extra Virgin olive oil.

During the meal you will have a pleasant conversation where our Master oil maker will explain the main benefits of the consumption of Extra Virgin olive oil, as well as the benefits for our health. In this visit we will also learn the clear differences between olive oil and seed oils.

All our tours are enlivened by one of our experts, generally the Master oil maker, since we want our visitors to clear up all the doubts they may have.

- The price of the visit depends on the option chosen:
1st option -  Visit for8 € includes the following: guided tour of our facilities, presentation and projection of a video which explains the Extra Virgin olive oil extraction process , guided tasting of different types of olive oils, tasting of toast  in oil, 1 bottle of Ecological Extra Virgin olive oil "Candor". Duration of  visit 1.30 hours.  
2nd option - Visit for 12 euro; includes the following: guided tour of our facilities, presentation and projection of a video which explains the Extra Virgin olive oil extraction process, guided tasting of different types of olive oils, tasting of toast in oil, meal consisting of 4 or 5 tapas prepared using our olive oils and different  products, 1 bottle of Ecological Extra Virgin olive oil  "Candor". Duration of visit 2.15 hours.


Guided Tour
Handicapped access


Address: Polígono La Yasa nº 6 26120
Phone: +34 941 443 305
Fax: +34 941 444 373
Center for Interpretation
Visiting Hours: Visit upon reservation calling 941-443-305
Price (€): 10€
District: Logroño y alrededores

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