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32nd Logroño Puppets and Children's Theatre Festival

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Short Description: Logroño, 26-30 December

Logroño Puppets and Children's Theatre Festival

The festival, is to be held on 26-30 December and will feature twelve shows. It will take place mainly in Logroño's Teatro Bretón although sessions have also been scheduled in other towns in La Rioja, including Alfaro, Arnedo, Calahorra Cervera, Ezcaray, Grañón, Navarrete, Pradejón, Santo Domingo and Torrecilla. 12 shows in total —5 shows in Logroño and the rest in different towns.

The festival is organized by Cultural Rioja, an entity jointly created by the Government of La Rioja and the City of Logroño. Its repertoire includes works for children from age three.

The programme is varied and top quality. It is designed for children of all ages. The activity, for which there is great demand, is promoted by Cultural Rioja to initiate children into the world of theatre and educate them as future viewers.


In the shows that take place in Logroño, in the Teatro Bretón, tickets will cost 6 euros. Early ticket sales begin on 9 December and will continue until 20 December, from 11 am to 2 pm and, also, two hours before the start of the show on the days that there is a show on at the theatre. Sundays and holidays, from 12 noon until 2 pm. Tickets can also be purchased over the telephone on the days and times indicated: +34 941207231. Website sales will start on 9 December at 11 am.

In the event that tickets are not sold out in advance, Teatro Bretón will open its box office on 26-30 December, 11 am to 2 pm and one hour before the start of the show.

The shows are at 6.00 pm and the repertoire is as follows:

Programme for Logroño

26 December

'El abrigo de Yorick'. Caleidoscopio Teatro. For children from age 3

27 December

'Viajeros del carrusel', Compañía Ángeles de Trapo. From age 3

28 December

'Caperucita Roja'. Maracaibo Teatro. From age 3

29 December

'La cigarra y la hormiga'. Xip Xap. From age 3

30 December

'M y las ballenas'. Lupa Teatre. From age 5

Other towns:

26 December

    Pradejón Culture Hall (6.30 pm), 'El cuento de Pedro y el lobo', Laboratorio Teatral Blank. From age 4
  • Teatro Ideal Calahorra (6.30 pm). 'Sere Uhmonos'. From age 8 and family audiences. 27 December.
  • Cervera del Río Alhama Municipal Hall (6.30 pm). 'Sere Uhmonos'. From age 8 years and family audiences.
  • Torrecilla en Cameros Culture Hall. 'Historia con flores y otras pantomimas'. Group Zurramacatillo. From age 4

28 December.

  • Grañón Multi-Purpose Hall. (6.30 pm), 'Pitu-Titu y los toricos', Compañía Birloque. From age 5
  • Old library in Navarrete. (6.30 pm). 'El árbol mágico de la Navidad'. Compañía Hilando Títeres. From age 5

29 December

  • Alfaro public school pavilion. (6.30 pm). 'El árbol mágico de la Navidad'. Compañía Hilando Títeres. From age 5
  • Teatro Cine Avenida, Santo Domingo de la Calzada (6.30 pm). 'Green planet. Aventura eco-galáctica'. Compañía Teatre Buffo. From age 3

30 December

  • Teatro Cervantes in Arnedo. 'Green planet. Aventura eco-galáctica'. (6.30 pm). Compañía Teatre Buffo. From age 3
  • Ezcaray Municipal Multi-Purpose Hall. (6.30 pm). 'Inauguration'. Gus puppets '. From age 4.
Activity Start Date: 26/12/2017
Place and Time: La Rioja
Organize: Cultural Rioja
Type of event:
Activities with children
Época del año:
Place and Time: La Rioja
District: Logroño y alrededores

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