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Walk along the QR route to visit the walled enclosure of San Vicente de la Sonsierra

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Walk along the QR route to visit the walled enclosure of San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Ruta QR autoguiada al recinto amurallado de San Vicente de la Sonsierra

¿Did you know that it is now much easier to visit the walled enclosure of #SVSonsierra?

Feel free to walk along the QR route that we have created and to visit the castle when you wish and at your own pace. Doing so you will understand how the Foehn effect influences the quality of the local wine, where the oldest ‘lagar’ in La Rioja is located, what the ‘conjuratorios’ were used for, when the castle was built...

Follow the route that starts at the ‘Plaza Mayor’ and continue down the ‘Calle Mayor’ towards ‘Calle Carnicerías’, enter the castle through the ‘Puerta de la Primicia’ and discover much more.
In this signposted route you will find two different types of QR codes: those coloured brown (with the image of the church) will give you information about the historical and artistic heritage; those coloured deep red (with the image of a ‘guardaviñas’ or local stone hut) will tell you about the landscape, the wine and the way of life of the ‘sonserranos’.

And remember, the route starts next to the arcades of the Town Hall and continues down the Calle Mayor towards Calle Carnicerías. Do not miss a detail following this tour:

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