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MTB route: Los Sotos de Alfaro

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Ruta en BTT: Los sotos de Alfaro

Soto del Hormiguero + Soto del Estajao.

Ruta en BTT: Los sotos de Alfaro

Sotos del Ebro de Alfaro.

Ruta en BTT: Los sotos de Alfaro

Soto del Hormiguero 1

Ruta en BTT: Los sotos de Alfaro

Soto del Estajao.

Ruta en BTT: Los sotos de Alfaro

Ruta en BTT Sotos del Ebro.

Time: 2.30 h

Kilometres: 24 km

Cumulative altitude difference: 20 metres

Interest: Landscape, environmental

Type of surface: track

Recommended season: Spring and Autumn

Difficulty: low

Water: there is source in the recreation area of ​​the Nature Reserve


We present two alternative bicycle routes that start from the same point and go in opposite directions to enjoy a visit to two of the Sotos de Alfaro groves.

  • Soto del Hormiguero: take a wide street on the left before reaching the railway station, at the end of this street a bridge takes you across to the other side of the road and take the first left past the cooperage, continue between fruit orchards until you reach another fork where you should continue northwest to the left until the road turns ninety degrees and accompanies the Ebro along the Soto El Espeso, then continue on the track by the River to an area of stone reinforcements where the Soto El Hormiguero is, once you have enjoyed it, go back and take the first turn on your left, which will take you on a long straight running southwest to where the route started.

  • Soto del Estajao: from the previous crossing, take the path on the right heading northeast, where a recreational area will shortly appear with a water fountain, after this take the track on the right until you pass some tall nesting poles, after which you take a track on the left to enjoy the Soto El Estajao, and then go along the previous route running south among poplars. At the next junction turn left and left again along a small ledge that will take you right back to the starting point.

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