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MTB route: Pajares Reservoir

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Ruta BTT: Embalse de Pajares

Ruta en BTT Embalse de Pajares.

Ruta BTT: Embalse de Pajares

Ruta en BTT: Embalse de Pajares

Ruta BTT: Embalse de Pajares

Ruta en BTT: Embalse de Pajares

Time: 1.45 h

Kilometres: 17,5 km

Cumulative altitude difference: 260 metres

Interest: Landscape, villages.

Type of surface: asphalt, track, ruts.

Recommended season: spring, summer and autumn

Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Water: no sources in Lumbreras and San Andrés


From Lumbreras take the access road to the junction with the N-111. Cross the road and the bridge over the river Piqueras and on the left there is an upward track, Pajares Reservoir Track reaching a track intersection.

Continue left downhill until you reach another intersection. Follow the track opposite and start to skirt the reservoir maintaining your altitude, passing the bridge over the river Piqueras, the Cañadillas stream until you reach the road. Go left along the road to the intersection of San Andrés where you turn right on the LR-457 to the village.

Follow the road to the Ethnographic Museum, there go down the track which is an old Roman Road, cross a metal gate and go down the rock surface until you reach a bridge. Cross the wooden bridge and climb up to the Alto de las Verdades, then descend to the Dehesa where you cross another gate and continue until you reach Lumbreras. You always have the option of going back up to the N-111 (less traffic on holidays) from San Andrés to Lumbreras, if you do not want to do the second part of the route up the mountain as it is more physically and technically demanding.

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