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Romantic weekend in La Rioja

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Romantic weekend in La Rioja

Fin de semana romántico en La Rioja


Alone at last !, the two of you, enjoying the food and wine, to reacquaint yourself with your partner or even to finish your conquest: Welcome to La Rioja! Where stories always have a happy ending.

For starters, charming accommodation. A small rural guest house, a wine guest house, a former convent with jacuzzi for two, the suite of a hotel in Logroño... There are many ideas, so choose the one you like and surprise your partner.

You can complete the evening with dinner for two. If you want to discover the best kept secrets of a perfect match, how about a pairing dinner? Food and wine together create the best combinations. The wine brings out the best of flavours from the food and, without wine, gastronomy seems incomplete. A lesson for life.

But romance can be found around any corner in La Rioja. You can start with a walk through the vineyards, on horseback, on foot, by bike or buggy... you choose. You can complete the morning with a tasting course for two, in a winery, in a museum, in the hotel ... and how would you like to visit a winery and have the owner teach only the two of you. Choose among the wineries that have a tourist offer, one of the small ones, and you will feel right at home. Although you will also enjoy the large ones. They are full of unique corners, some because they are over a hundred years old and others because of their avant-garde design.

To continue forging ties, nothing better than wine therapy for two. These treatments are offered by Spas in La Rioja, and they will unite you in a world of sensations, aromas and relaxation. A marvel that awakens all the senses and helps to forget every problem. A true miracle aided by the natural extracts of grape and wine.

Finally, we suggest you watch the sunset from one of the castles scattered throughout La Rioja. The sky gives La Rioja red sunsets that combine beautifully with the vineyards and beech trees in autumn.

Can you think of a better place to visit with your partner?

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