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Pinchos in La Rioja: a world of food in tiny bites. Shall we go out for pinchos?

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Pinchos in La Rioja: a world of food in tiny bites. Shall we go out for pinchos?

De pinchos por La Rioja


La Rioja is most famous for its pinchos (small tapas) and wine. Shall we go out for pinchos?

It is very common in La Rioja to go out in the evening or before lunch (sometimes even instead of lunch) and wander from bar to bar, trying each house speciality with a glass of your favourite wine or one recommended by the staff, combining Rioja's flavours.
The variety of pinchos, specialities and ingredients is never-ending and so is the imagination of the chefs working hard inside La Rioja's bars.

Explore Calle Laurel's most traditional bars in Logroño and the Herradura area in Haro. There is a mouthwatering smell of mushrooms, mini kebabs, cuttlefish, ham, squid, etc

Groups of friends hop from bar to bar before lunch in Logroño's oldest and best-known Calle Laurel or Haro's Herradura area, trying the pinchos and appetizers made with mushrooms, sausages, pork, anchovies in batter or vinegar, omelettes, sardines topped with hot peppers, wild mushrooms and,of course, Rioja wine.

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