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La Rioja Baja Culture

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La Rioja Baja Culture

Valle del Alhama

La Rioja Baja Culture

Sotos del Ebro

La Rioja Baja Culture

Molino de Ocón

La Rioja Baja Culture

Catedral de Calahorra


Time for itinerary: 1 day

We suggest one day to explore the ancient cultures that left their mark in La Rioja. From Calahorra, ancient Roman Calagurris. A Roman city of great importance as evidenced by the Roman remains left in this town. Calahorra is the capital of La Rioja Baja, after visiting the Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum and other interesting landmarks, be sure to try in one of its excellent restaurants the local vegetables in any form, from the most traditional to nouvelle cuisine.

From Calahorra, it is worthwhile to go to nearby Alfaro where you will see a large number of storks. In the Alfaro collegiate church you can find the largest colony of white storks in Europe. If you like taking pictures, do not forget your camera.

In the Sotos del Ebro Nature Reserve Interpretation Centre you can find an explanation of why these storks have chosen La Rioja to spend most of the year and learn all about the natural beauty of this part of La Rioja.

Following the course of Alhama from Alfaro, you arrive in Cervera, the capital of the eastern Rioja mountains, from there you can access the ancient celtiberian settlement of Contrebia - Leukade, an archaeological site of great interest. There you can learn about the lifestyles of these ancient inhabitants of La Rioja.

And closer to Logroño, in the Ocón Valley, you can wander through the villages in the area and take walks along the valley to visit a wind-powered flour mill that was recently recovered.

You will pass by many places that are worth stopping. Take your time. Stop and enjoy the landscape, the people and the Rioja-style hospitality. If you don't have not enough time to do it all, don't worry. La Rioja is very close and we will be delighted to welcome you back.

Some advice: if you have time, stop in Arnedo, La Rioja shoe capital and do some shopping while you visit this key Rioja town.

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