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Flora y fauna ZEPAS

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Flora y fauna ZEPAS


La Rioja has six natural areas that form part of the Natura 2000 Network, some as Special Protection Areas for birds (SPABs).


The La Demanda, Urbión, Cebollera and Cameros Mountain Ranges on the border with the provinces of Soria and Burgos and high mountains in the Iberian Range such as San Lorenzo ( 2271 m), Los Picos de Urbión ( 2228 m) and La Mesa de Cebollera ( 2168 m). The habitat is mainly highland moors and juniper groves, beech groves, conifer forests, mixed forests and felling areas. 
The area also contains a number of protected species such as the short toed eagle, the golden eagle, the grey partridge, the northern harrier, the honey buzzard, the booted eagle and the horned owl.


La Sierra de Alcarama, located in the middle of the Iberian Mountain Range on the border with Soria, is a complex web of gorges and ravines carved out of the rocks by the Rivers Alhama and Añamaza.


Iregua, Leza and Jubera Peaks, to the south of Logroño, among the foothills of the Northern Iberian Range, enjoy a cooler, more temperate climate. They are home to a number of protected species including the griffon vulture, falcons and the golden eagle.


The Obarenes Mountains are located in the Cantabrian Range in the north-western mountain massif of La Rioja, near the Iberian Range. The habitat mainly consists of low sclerophyllous hills with holm oak groves, crags, bare rocks and cliffs inhabited by protected species such as the Egyptian vulture, the peregrine falcon, the golden eagle, the horned owl, Bonelli’s eagle and the griffon vulture.


Arnedillo and Peñalmonte Peaks and Peña Isasa, in La Rioja Baja, encompass part of the River Cidacos in the municipalities of Arnedillo, Préjano, Arnedo and Muro de Aguas. The griffon vulture and the horned owl can often be seen in this area.


Groves and Ebro River Banks. All along the River Ebro there are a number of zones with woods and copses overlooking its banks, true oases in the deforested Ebro basin and a key element in maintaining biodiversity. The vegetation in these groves is dominated by white and black poplars, as well as by willows, elms, ashes, alders and tarays.

For more information about the flora and fauna of La Rioja, visit the Directorate – General for the Environment’s website at or click here.

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